jewelry by hillary
live and in person! I've come to realize that, in order to truly be appreciated, the jewelry has to be experienced firsthand. Exploring beaded jewelry is a tactile as well as a visual experience, and should be as interactive and fun as possible. Hence, the Jewelry Party!
how does it work?
The host invites guests and provides refreshments for the evening. We arrive earlier to set up the jewelry and help the host where we can. The rest of the evening is "ad lib". The purpose of the party, in the end, is to make the jewelry accessible to people and to reward the host for providing that opportunity.
for the host
The host chooses a piece of jewelry the value of which corresponds to her total sales that evening:
Sales $
Value of piece $
up to 49
up to 69
up to 89
  Bonus: When you register and hold a party, you will receive 30% off a piece of jewelry, in addition to your gift piece.
when it takes place
Since the jewelry is not mass-produced and requires a bit of time to create, the party is a special event which will take place only every two months, unless noted otherwise. Anyone in the Western New York region can register to host a particular party if that slot is still open.
If I am not available, my sister Liberty will represent me at parties. She is qualified to answer questions concerning the jewelry and me.
The preferred method of payment is cash, but we will accept personal checks from a customer, provided we have their contact information.
last but not least
Above all, the party should serve as an excellent excuse to get together after work or on a weekend, try on some gorgeous jewelry, and have fun!
All beaded jewelry is designed and handcrafted by jewelry by hillary (Hillary A. Ernzer, Germany)