jewelry by hillary
Guardian Angel

How to care for your beaded jewelry

1. As with most other types of jewelry, beaded pieces should be stored out of direct sunlight in separate bags or drawstring pouches to avoid tangling.

2. Do not get them wet! Water gets trapped inside the tiny seed beads and can eventually weaken or rot the threads holding the piece together. Rule: no swimming, bathing, washing dishes, etc. with the jewelry on.

3. Cleaning - if at all necessary - should be done using a soft polishing cloth only.

4. Chemicals present in cosmetics, hair sprays and lotions are potentially harmful to jewelry and stringing materials. Therefore, you should put your jewelry on only after applying these products.

5. Treat your beaded jewelry like the delicate thing it is. Avoid unnecessary stretching and pulling, and do not wear your jewelry to bed.

If you heed these few simple rules, you should be able to enjoy your jewelry for many years.

All beaded jewelry is designed and handcrafted by jewelry by hillary (Hillary A. Ernzer, Germany)