jewelry by hillary
beadweaving The act of creating beadwork using loom and/or off-loom weaving techniques. Stitches I often use include netting, peyote, and tubular variations of both.
seed beads Tiny glass beads used in beadweaving. Though they come in different cuts and sizes, the seeds most commonly used are round and manufactured in Japan and the Czech Republic. Japanese seed beads tend to have an even higher quality than Czech seed beads due to their uniformity and larger holes.
embellishing Adding decorative elements to jewelry to increase its depth and beauty. Example: Garnet stones sewn onto a netted seed bead base.
delica beads Delicas are tiny cylindrical beads manufactured in Japan. Their uniformity is nearly perfect, which makes them ideal for stitches where the beads sit tightly next to one another. They are also more costly than seed beads.

fire-polished crystal


All beaded jewelry is designed and handcrafted by jewelry by hillary (Hillary A. Ernzer, Germany)